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Accessorize Sensibly this Fall Season

This Fall, fashionistas must become fluent in layering pieces to step out in style. There are leggings, vests, belts at the waist, a mix of long and short necklaces and handbags large enough to carry a small dog. But accessories can make or break a look; too many baubles and bangles and beads can ruin an outfit. And as fashion legend Coco Chanel smartly advised, "Get dressed and then remove one piece before leaving the house."
The same goes for smartly dressing your dinner plate. For instance, think of blue cheese and bacon crumbles as accessories. They add flavor and flare to a dish, but too much just piles on unnecessary fat and calories. So, when you're dining out and want to stick to healthy lifestyle goals it's not necessary to totally avoid the butter, gravy, cheese sauce and full fat salad dressings; just learn to accessorize sensibly. (Especially if you want to wear those new skinny jeans.) See the fat and calorie chart below to know what you're getting into before you load up on these toppings. In fact, fat based sauces like a tartar sauce on fish for example can mask the true flavors of the fish because fat actually coats your tongue. Cream and butter based sauces are what dietitians call "calorically dense"- they pack a lot of calories per ounce. While balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, tomato based sauces, broths and salsas are nearly calorie free and can be used liberally.
So, if it's a punch of flavor you're looking for to liven up a salad or grilled chicken and fish; learn to identify ingredients, sauces and sides that perk things up while keeping calorie counts down. At Seasons 52 restaurant plates come adorned with a lemon half that's been grilled to allow more of the juices to come out (and not in your eye!) and it mellows the acid of the lemon. An easy addition to a healthy menu when you're grilling at home, too.
Rich Accessories   
Vegetable oils (including olive oil) 2T 240 calories/28 g fat
Butter- 2T-216/24
Nuts-2T- 200 calories/18 g fat
Hollandaise Sauce – 2 T -135/14
Mayonaise 2T- 200 calories/22 g fat
Pesto Sauce- 2 T-155/15
Tartar sauce-2 T- 140 calories/ 16 g fat
Cheddar Cheese slice – 1 oz -114 cal/9 g fat
Mexican Queso Cheese sauce 2 T 100 calories/8 g fat
Cream Cheese-2 T 100 calories/10 g fat
Blue cheese crumbles-2T- 60 cal/5 g fat
Cheese sauce-2T- 60 calories/4 g fat
Guacamole- 2T 60 calories /3 g fat
Sour cream- 2 T 52 calories/5 g fat
Shredded Cheese -2T 50 cal/ 4 g fat
Bacon crumbles-2T- 50cal/3 g fat  
Gravy-2 T- 40 calories/ 3 g fat
Leaner Looks   
Vinegars- 0/0
Lemon/Lime juice- 0/0
Salsas- 2T 10 calories/ 0 fat
Picante sauce-2T 10 calories/0 fat
Red wine reduction sauce-2 T 10 / 0 (made w/o butter)
Horseradish 2T 10 cal/0 fat
Tomato based sauces-2T 14 calories/ 0 fat (w/o olive oil in recipe)
Mustards- 2 T- 15/1g fat
Apple butter- 1 T 20 calories/ 0 Fat
Steak sauce- 2T 30 cal/ 0 fat
Barbecue Sauce – 2T-30 cal/ 0 fat
Cocktail sauce- 2T-40 cal/0 fat
Chutneys- 2T- 55 calories/ Fat 0 g


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