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Okay, girlfriend. This is the real deal. This is where you eat in, you eat out and you party, and you're faced with lots and lots of food choices. But while nutrition used to be a long list of foods you shouldn't eat, now in this new age of nutrition discovery it's all about adding the foods that boost our health. The Dish Divas' motto is "the more you know, the more you can eat!"

In these pages we'll dish about how to make healthy eating fun and fill you in on some nutrition tidbits you just might have overlooked, whether you're dining home alone, eating out at a 4-star restaurant or going through the local drive-thru. Throwing a party? We're there for you. Just read on for a few entertaining tips at your next fete.


With all the talk about the wily ways of women on the hit series “Desperate Housewives,” we thought it might be fun to chat a bit about how cheating can actually be a strategy for successful weight control. After all, being good all of the time is just so incredibly boring! Here are 5 smart tips inspired by some of our Hip & Healthy Heroines, who shared some of their cheating ways with us in The Dish.

1. Order dessert first
Yep, that’s right. Life is short, so order dessert first. This strategy helps you plan the rest of your meal around that sinfully rich dessert you really crave. OK, the waiter may look at you a little strange when you ask for the dessert menu first, but you need information on your destination before you can map out your meal. If you know you’ve just got to have the chocolate cheese cake or coconut cake with pineapple ice cream then you’ll make sure not to start with the fried calamari appetizer or the creamy New England Clam chowder! Save yourself for your true love, dessert!

2. Cover Your Tracks
A food diary or journal can help you keep track of your intake, so you won’t go over your daily calorie quota. Research shows the most successful dieters do it and do it daily. Your journal notes don’t have to be overly obsessive, but do jot down the types of foods you eat, estimate amounts and write down where you were and maybe even your mood. This will give you a snapshot of your relationship with food.

3. Straighten Up and Fry Right
Did you know that foods that are fried right have fewer total fat and calories? Now these are the bad boys worth the heat! Choosing cooking oils with a high smoke point, such as peanut oil or safflower oil, allows foods to fry at a higher temperature and therefore cook faster and absorb less fat. If you master the right technique, your fried foods will be lighter. (See page 158 in The Dish.)

4. Be a Smart Snacker
You may crave the crunch of potato chips and dip or nacho chips piled high with refried beans and sour cream, but give your cravings a healthy makeover. Choose baked potato chips with a low-fat yogurt dip or nachos made with baked chips, black beans and salsa. Let’s get the party started!

5. Savor Every Moment
If you’re going to cheat, then relax and enjoy it! Choose really fine chocolates so you only need a few decadent bites. Or if it’s a five-course gourmet meal you’re luxuriating over, remember to put your fork down every so often and savor the flavors. It’s quality, not quantity that counts. Sure, being satisfied is about feeling full and getting enough food, but there are mysterious forces at work in the mind, too. Psychological effects are powerful forces. So, slow down and let your body and soul appreciate small portions of big tastes.


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