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Diva Recipes

"Dining is always a great artistic opportunity," Frank Lloyd Wright

Since the whole point of looking and feeling fabulous is to experience a little joie de vivre, let's eat! Cooking at home --whether it's for yourself or a crowd at a cookout -- is a smashing way to demo your delicious newfound food philosophy. The more you know, the more you can eat! And now you know that eating healthy foods does mean saying yes to make-your-own-pizza parties or canapés with cocktails, as long as you offer the right ingredients. (Plenty of veggies for the pizza, easy on the cheese.)

But, just as you don not need to reveal the super-sale price on your new party dress or just how often you get your highlights done, you don't have to announce that these recipes are "good-for-you." In fact, the late great culinary icon and super experienced party giver, Julia Child recommends, "If you serve a health-conscious meal to guests, don't say so. Don't mention it at all. You shouldn't let nutrition get in the way of planning a good meal. Think taste first!"

So, here are some easy-to-make and easy-to-love Dish Divas approved recipes for you to cook and enjoy.

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