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"We love your book; it has so much variety; it is really educational, full of ideas and it's fun to read. Thanks again. We are waiting for 'The Dish:Part Two'!"
--Josef Lageder, Executive Chef, Balboa Bay Club, New Port Beach CA

"Many of us expect a book on nutriton to be academic, perhaps a little boring. Not so with The Dish. It's informative, but entertaining. You'll probably never find another book that teaches you about phytonutrients AND tips on dressing to look thinner! This book is an easy read, and we think you will enjoy every page, from cover to cover."

"Perky writing sometimes belies the deep knowledge and research underlying the nutritional information presented."
--Publishers Weekly

"Healthy eating that's fun and prepared with lots of style."
--Emeril Lagasse, chef and host of TV Food Network's Emeril LIVE, and author of From Emeril's Kitchen

"Carolyn and Densie dish up expert diet advice with extra helpings of fun. It's great to know that enjoying life is part of a healthy lifestyle."
--Joan Lunden, television host and bestselling author of Growing Up Healthy

"At a time when many people are more confused than ever, Carolyn O'Neil and Densie Webb bring common sense in helping people customize a diet that's just right for them."
--Dean Ornish, M.D., founder and president, Preventive Medicine Research Institute, clinical professor of medicine, University of California, San Francisco, and author of Eat More, Weight Less

"My boyfriend and I seat ourselves at a sidewalk table at "Cafe Boulud" on Manhattan's Upper East Side. There's a boisterous table next to us, and we recognize CNN's Carolyn O'Neil as one of the revelers. They are celebrating something, so, curious New Yorkers that we are, we ask them what is it? A book called "The Dish on Eating Healthy and Being Fabulous." Remember that scene in "Sex & the City" when Carrie's in Paris and the Parisian bookstore throws her a party and she doesn't show? Well, it's like that, except it's New York, she shows, and everybody (including all the strangers at the adjoining tables) has a swell time, they pass the book around and we all get to take a peek (I hogged it for close to an hour). The bad news is: it's their only copy! We can look, but we can't buy it. The good news is we go home, go on Amazon and order it. If Carrie Bradshaw wrote a book on how to eat well and still fit into her fabulous outfits, this would be it. It's whimsical, but underlying it all is the serious topic of getting us to eat healthy without becoming obnoxious food cops. I love living in this city, and running into Carolyn (and her co-author Densie Webb and all her other friends) is one of the reasons why."
-- Christine Lavin, Amazon reviewer, June 15, 2004.

"Written to read like a beach novel, this book dishes on what one should be adding to their day and to their diet to boost energy, curb appetite and add a healthy glow. Eating healthy is important, but who wants to carry a container of cottage cheese in their handbag?"

"The Dish is no ordinary diet book. In fact, it's not really a diet book but rather a manual for hip, sophisticated women (or those who would like to be) on how to eat well, feel good, and stay healthy."
--Tufts Nutrition Navigator

"At last, a nutrition book that captures the reader with a dynamic, attention-grabbing read without selling snake oil and telling lies. O'Neal and Webb have produced a simply marvelous book that cleverly presents the best of the truth in a fun, sexy format."
--Today's Dietitian

"O'Neil and Webb share an unusually acute ability to translate brain-numbing scientific information into easy-to-understand nuggets. Given the combined depth of the authors' backgrounds, readers will find "The Dish" packed with sensible, workable nutrition information."
--Chicago Tribune


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