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Dish Divas 2005 Diet Predictions

1. Calories Make a Comeback
Researchers are getting back to basics and finding that what really counts is--you guessed it—calories, both the number you take in and of course, the number you burn. Want to know more about how to keep track of calories and trim your intake by about a 100 a day? Check out Chapter 2 of The Dish on Eating Healthy and Being Fabulous! “The Dish on Diet Basics.” And to bone up on the best way to burn calories, walk or run through Chapter 9 “The Dish on Looking Fabulous.”

2. Carb Correction
It looks like the low-carb boom is about to go bust in 2005. Turns out that folks on all those high-protein, low-carb diets did pretty well at first, but after a year of low-carb dieting their weight loss was no different than dieters following more common sense, balanced plans. For the Dish Divas’ suggestions on how to enjoy healthy carbohydrate foods as part of a balanced diet, turn to Chapter 2 “The Dish on Diet Basics” and Chapter 3 “The Dish on Super Foods.”

3. Fats Get Healthy
Yes, there are good fats and bad fats. In 2005, trans fats will continue to fade from food products (trans-fat free margarines and snack chips) and restaurant menus (fried foods prepared in trans-fat free oils). And you’ll be hearing more about the healthy fats in olive oil and fish that are good for everything from heart health to weight control. Learn how to choose the healthiest fats and oils, whether you’re dining in or out by digging into Chapter 4 “The Dish on Eating In” and Chapter 5 “The Dish on Eating Out.”

4. Genetic Nutrition
We’ll be hearing more in 2005 about how good nutrition may be in your genes. Just as some people can’t drink milk and others are super sensitive to salt, nutrition experts will be devoting more attention to genetics and nutrition so that, in the future, they’ll be able to offer more effective dietary plans for each individual. For instance, some people may be able to eat more carbs than others, while others will do better on higher fat diets. What is your personal diet and nutrition profile? You’ll get a better idea by reading Chapter 1, “The Dish on Your Diet.”

5. Beauty and Nutrition
Nutrition has too often been associated with a long list of foods you’re not supposed to eat. 2005 will flip that philosophy on its ear, so that consumers will hear more about what they should be adding to their diets to put a sparkle in their eye, shine in their hair, glow in their skin and pep in their step. Discover the foods that promote health and beauty in Chapter 3 “The Dish on Super Foods” and Chapter 9 “The Dish on Looking Fabulous”.

6. Marketplace Food Guides
Sure, it’s great that we have more choices in the marketplace than ever before. But all of that variety can create confusion. Your Dish Divas predict that you’re going to see more marketplace guides that help create order out of chaos and help to steer you in the right direction for your specific health needs. For example, there will be a new wheat-like symbol on packages ensuring products are truly “whole grain.” And Pepsico has created a green logo called the “Smart Spot” for their products that fit into a healthy lifestyle, including Tropicana Orange Juice with calcium, Quaker Oatmeal, Frito Lay trans-fat free snack chips, Aquafina water and Gatorade sports drinks. Also, the long awaited new Dietary Guidelines and remodeled Food Guide Pyramid will be revealed in early 2005. Check out our own Dish Divas Food Pyramid in Chapter 10, “What to Eat Today and Everyday” for our version of a new and improved pyramid!

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