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Green Tea Glamour

Have you ever seen those expensive creams, lotions and serums for your face that contain green or white tea and wondered, could they really work for me? Well, research from the Medical College of Georgia suggests that the antioxidant compound EGCG, found in both green and white tea, may actually help skin cells rejuvenate. Here’s the dish on why putting tea on your face might make sense: Your skin cells are constantly renewing themselves. As cells come to the surface of your skin, they pretty much hang around waiting to die. And as you age, that turnover rate slows, leaving your skin less than fresh and glowing. The researchers in Georgia found that the EGCG in tea actually brought those dying skin cells back to life. But, before you run out to stock up on tea-laced cosmetics, there are a couple of things to point out. First, the research was done on skin cells in a laboratory, not on real, live faces. And it was done using concentrated amounts of EGCG, which is only one of the compounds found in tea. Most skin care products that contain tea, have only small amounts of tea, or they contain a combination of all of the antioxidant compounds found in tea, not just EGCG. Until the final word is in, shop for skin products that contain the most concentrated amount of tea or tea polyphenols (the chemical name for the antioxidants in tea) you can afford.


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